Anti Theft Lock Dog Lead And Collar

Anti Theft Lock Dog Lead And Collar

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Our dogs are part of our family and naturally we want to keep them safe.  Sadly, pet theft has become abundant in all areas in the UK. 


We are delighted to offer a revolutionary new dog lead and collar offering invaluable protection against dog theft.


Lock Dog lead and collar is by far the strongest on the market and we are delighted to annouce we are the only UK distributor for this incredible product. It is designed to protect your dog against theft, and unlike standard leads, which can easily be untied or the lead cut, the fabric is anti-cut and our lead and collar incorporates locks at both ends.


It consists of a four layer bite and cut resistant fabric coated with an anti-slip material along the entire length and around the collar area to protect against a prospective thief trying to cut the lead and the two keys enable you to secure your dog to either a lamppost, a moulding within your car or around your wrist or waist.


It features a collar and lead in one and enables you to feel secure whilst out walking as it is cut proof and lockable, meaning a potential theif is unable to get their hands on your beloved pup.


Should you need to leave your dog outside a shop, you can secure the lockable lead to a lamp post or you could it to tie to a moulding in your car ensuring potential thieves would not be able to break into you vehicle and take your pet.


The neck circumference is flexible between 20 cms to 65cms and is 2.1 cms wide. The lead length is 2 metres.


It is easy to use, simply place the collar and lead around the neck (safety note: neither too tight or too loose) and secure the lock into one of the eyelets in which you use the corresponding key to complete.  You can then tie the other end either around the your wrist, waist or around a lantern or railing and fix the lock in one of the steel rings or eyelets and finish with the key.