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Sausage Dog Box - Top Models

Next Top Model

Wow! Almost 400 dachshunds applied to be the Sausage Dog Box next top model! Well done to everyone who entered, you warmed our hearts with your beautiful pictures and amusing write ups it has been an honour to get to know you all!

We couldn’t pick one, so here at SDB HQ we’ve decided to pick a team of dachshunds who really blew us away and won within 9 categories!

We are delighted to announce our new team, in no particular order, drumroll please....

  • The ‘Most Positive’ category was won by Eddie. We received his application on blue Monday and he made reference to the fact that better days are coming. We’re all about spreading positivity and cheer and know he’ll fit our well rounded team. Well done Eddie

  • The ‘Dapple’ category was championed by Dex. We love everything about him, distinctive, super cheeky and very sweet

  • The ‘Puppy’ category was won by Peanut & Pippin. They were against some very tough competition but are both as cute as little buttons, it’s hard to not smile when you see pictures of these two

  • The best ‘Best Write Up’ category was won by Frankie (chocolate daxi) - his post made us adore him instantly. He loves pretending to be a and his adventurous personality will fit the Sausage Dog Box brand perfectly

  • The ‘Super Star’ category was won by King Frank (black and tan daxi) - Frank’s wonderful Mum Jade shared a truly heart-warming story about how Frank has supported at a time of need, he also very handsome. Nice one Frank, you’re a true champion

  • The ‘Heart-warmer’ category was won by Doris & Wendy - Their story really pulled at our heart strings as well, they are beautiful and kind and we’re excited to have you on the team

  • The ‘Inspiration’ category was won by Digby. Positivity beams out of Digby. He also represents all of the Longhaired dachshunds all there and wants to start a revolution, go Digby!

  • The ‘Hero’ category was won by the beautiful Bellatrix. She’s simply stunning and a tough little cookie who has survived IVDD. Welcome to the team Bellatrix.

  • The ‘Sassiest Dachshund’ category was won by Peaches. She’s sweet and sassy at the same time.

We hope you’re all ready to take on your modelling responsibilities. Welcome to the team, we can’t wait to work with you guys.

We would love to choose every pup and we really mean that. We look forward to having more models on board in future months to add to the team, so keep your eyes peeled

For now, please congratulate the very deserving winners of the Sausage Dog Box Top Model competition, and a huge welcome to the team.

Thank you for your support guys :-)

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