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How to reduce the chances of IVDD in Dachshunds

Our dachshund ramps are intended to reduce the chances of your dachshund getting IVDD. The condition can be brought on by sudden impact to the spine (i.e. from jumping off a bed or sofa) that bursts the intervertebral disc. This causes back pain, partial loss of function in the limbs, and in more severe cases paralysis and loss of feeling.

Worryingly, the data shows that, typically, 1 in 4 Dachshunds will suffer some degree of back disease during their lifetime. We love dachshunds, which is why we are passionate about supporting daxie pawrents in reducing the chances of IVDD.

If your dachshund deserves something a bit more fancy, the exclusive grey hand painted ramps are available. These have been lovingly finished with 'Estate - Lamp Room Grey No. 88' Farrow & Ball paint.

Read our recent customer review -

"Mertle loves her new ramp from Sausage Dog Box, she's keeping guard over it to make sure the cats don't use it as their new scratching post. She's mastered walking up and down it from the sofa, but only on the low setting at the moment, needs a bit more confidence still to walk the steeper slope. Mum and Dad are pleased because it matches the sofa perfectly!"

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