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Sausage Dog Box is run with some extremely meaningful values in mind. Over the years, we have not only grown our small family run, trustworthy and quirky business into a 'one stop shop' for dachshunds and their owners, we've also created a community of sausage dog lovers along with a loyal and truly incredible customer base. It's been a wonderful journey and we've made some new and forever best friends through Sausage Dog Box.

We have designed, created and launched market leading dachshund accessories to ensure your dachshund is the talk of your next dachshund event with products designed for their unique long body. Whether you're looking for a dachshund ramp to help avoid the risk of an IVDD related injury, or you want a dachshund dinosaur outfit for your daxie to wear on their next arranged dachshund walk, we have a huge range of dachshund clothes to suit the needs of all shapes and sizes, and a wide range of practical and useful products.

Our most popular dachshund clothing ranges include Dachshund Coats, Weiner Dog Costumes, Harnesses for Dachshunds and Warm Sausage Dog Jumpers. We also have an extensive range of Halloween Dachshund Accessories and a fabulous collection of Dachshund Christmas Items.

In addition, we have a multitude of Dachshund Gifts, Easter, Valentines and Summer goodies, along with Dachshund Ramps and Stroller Buggys for Dachshunds.

Lastly, we know that most dachshunds are incredibly spoilt and love a comfy environment. To assist you in ensuring your dachshunds comfort needs are met we have a range of fancy Dog Sofa's and snuggly Dachshund Blankets, along with cosy Dachshund Pyjamas.

Charity Support

We understand importance of giving back to worthy causes and that's exactly why we have launched a new range of harnesses for dachshunds. Our exclusive anti-rub harnesses are designed to accommodate a dachshunds deep chest and each sale includes a charity donation. The chosen charities include Dedicated to Dachshunds (IVDD Charity), The Red Foundation Dachshund Rescue, Welling of Woman, Dog Meat Trade Dachshund Rescue and Blue Cross. For more information on our new charity collections and how we are supporting some incredibly worthy causes, read out latest blog.


We are trying to make our world a better one for all of the future generations of dachshunds (and their humans of course!). Our fantastic fulfilment partners not only make sure your order is received quickly, they have a great awareness of sustainability which has been gained through their continued studies towards sustainability qualifications. We now only use eco friendly mailer bags and in addition, we work with suppliers to reduce the use of single use packaging. Due to the massive impact importing has on our environment, we choose to use delivery partners who use electric vehicles and abide by a zero emissions pledge. To help minimise 'fast fashion' within the pet industry, this year we are looking to implement a buy back scheme. This means we will buy back dachshund clothing that has perhaps got to small for your growing sausage, and offer these to new dachshund parents at a reduced price! Afterall, the less items in landfill and the more being worn and loved by sausage dogs the better!

Sale Items

You will find bargain dachshund products on our Sale page. Please keep in mind that our sale items are usually end of line products and we are unlikely to restock these, so if you or your sausage dog have your eye on something, make sure you snap it up quickly!

Brand Ambassadors

We have a marvellous pack of brand ambassadors who live and breath our values. The value they all fulfil regularly is making people smile online and this wonderful bunch go above and beyond when it comes to showing off Sausage Dog Products on social media sites such as Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook. We have sadly had a few of our brand reps exit the Sausage Dog Box Team due to personal reasons which means are on the look out for some of the best talent. You and your dachshund MUST love our brand as much as we do. Join our mailing list to be the first to know when we are accepting applications. 

Blogs & Information

We aren't just here to provide the best dachshund accessories, we truly care about dachshunds and we have some really exciting projects in the pipeline. From dachshund specific grooming and nutrition, to informative dachshund related blogs to help support dachshund owners when it comes to behavioural traits and common health conditions. We are teaming up with industry professionals to give you the best advice possible. Whilst we are not professional trainers or within the veterinary industry, we do have years upon years of experience when it comes to owning a dachshund. If you need someone to talk to about help your new dachshund puppy settle in or how to cope with an anxious dachshund, we would always recommend seeking professional advice but sometimes having a chat with someone who has been there a few times can really help! In summary, our door is always open. 

Dachshund Breeding

We love all dachshunds, regardless of shapes, sizes, colours and disabilities. We do however promote ethical breeding and have a scheme in place where we gift a cosy set of dachshund pj's to brand new pups that are heading to their new forever home. If you are a registered breeder with a litter on the way, please get in touch via

Dachshund Service Partners

This year we are looking to expand our offering to enable us to recommend verified service partners using our platform. These service partners will include dachshund specific Breeders, Boarders, Walkers, Trainers, Behaviourists and lastly Groomers who are experienced in working alongside dachshund needs. If you are a business within any of these fields and wish to be included as a recommended service partner then please get in touch to start the verification process.

Measuring Your Dachshund

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to find the correct size for your dachshund, and even harder to get them to stay still so you can measure them. To ensure your dachshund receives the correct sized item, you will need to measure their neck, chest and back and correlate this to the size chart within the product pictures. We have put together a handy 'How To Measure Your Dachshund' guide. We are on hand and happy to help with sizing related queries, please feel free to get in touch!

Global Shipping Update

We have recently secured some very reasonable Royal Mail International prices. Shipping from the UK is estimated to be between 3-7 working days, so you and your sausage dog won't need to wait long to try on your fancy new dachshund clothes and accessories. The agreement we have with Royal Mail has meant we can send orders to over 80 countries from as little as £8. These countries include the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Russia, Spain, France and many more! We have discovered over 40 terms used to describe a dachshund, most commonly used other than 'Sausage Dog' and 'Dachshund' is Tax, Dashel, Weiner Dog / Wiener Dog, Teckel, Dackel, Basset, Bassotto, Jamnik, Stoofbuis (meaning stovepipe!), Gravhund, Dotson, Weenie Dog, Taksa, Salsicha, Jazavicar, Dakel, Badger Dog. . . .  The list goes on but if you're interested in knowing more about what dachshunds are called across the globe, check out our blog.

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