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How to measure your Sausage

size meaure guide Sausage Dog Box Dachshund How to measure Measure Guide for dachshund clothes
s neasure new 24 Sausage Dog Box Dachshund Measurement Measure Guide

Measuring tips!

1. Ensure your dog is standing when you measure them.

2. If your dog won't stand still for you, try measuring them when they are eating or ask someone to help you.

3. Round any measurements that aren't a whole number up to the next nearest number.

4. Allow a 2 finger gap between the dog and the measure so that your measurements are not too tight.

6. If you don't have a soft measuring tape, use string or a shoe lace to measure each area on your dog and then measure the string/lace against your measure tape/ruler.

7. Top tip - measure 2 or even 3 times and write down each measurement. We know sausages can be wriggly so it’s a good idea to measure a few items to get it correct. 

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