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My name is Jade, founder and creator of Sausage Dog Box along with my Mum, Annette. We are an online dog accessory brand based in the UK specialising in all things dachshund. 

My passion since as long as I can remember has been dogs, particularly Sausage Dogs. We currently have 3, Minnie, Margo and Minky. We sadly recently lost our 2 year old Molly who we miss every single day, she was the main face of SDB. 


My girls are always cold (a dachshund trait) and I was frustrated at not being able to find clothes to fit them. Most items were too short for their long bodies and didn’t fit well and that is how Sausage Dog Box was born in 2020.

I also wanted fun and quirky items to be available as well as specific products that a dachshund needs. One of those being a ramp to try and reduce the risk of IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) commonly seen in this breed. 


We hope you enjoy your SDB products as much as we do, we LOVE to see all your happy sausages! So please do share any pictures of them in their new clothes and accessories on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok. 

Come and join us on our journey, we are a friendly bunch who bark (a lot!) but never bite.



Jade, Annette, Minnie, Margo and Minky x

Jade And Annette Founder of Sausage Dog Box Dachshund Clothes Gifts And Accessories
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