Sweet William Organic Candle No More Wet Dog

Sweet William Organic Candle No More Wet Dog

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This glorious smelling "no more wet dog" candle is scented with eucalyptus, lemon verbena & mandarin essential oils.

Sadly we can't guarantee your four legged friend will never step foot in a muddy puddle or return home with that distinctive wet dog smell again. However, we can promise you the organic "no more wet dog" candle will quickly have your home smelling fresh and clean!

It has been hand poured in England in small batches and are vegan, 100% natural, cruelty free and plant based.  It contains organic essential oils with lots of aromatherapy and wellness benefits and vegan soy wax.

Non-toxic, no paraffins, no petroleum, no SLS, no artificial perfume, no parabens, no harsh preservatives, no palm wax.

Burn time: 50 hours

180ml / 6.3oz


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No More Wet Dog

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