Sausage Dog Box Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser

Sausage Dog Box Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser

30 day starter kit, containing plug in diffuser and 48ml (30 day refill).


Adaptil Calm Home contains a synthetic copy of the 'dog appeasing pheromone' which a mother naturally releases to calm and reassure her litter. It has the same effect on adult dogs.


Adaptil is suitable for all dogs - from coming home for the first time, during socialisation and training, dogs with fears and anxiety, rescue dogs and dogs that are fearful during travelling and going to the vets.


Scentless and species specific - no effect on humans or other pets


One Adaptil Diffuser will cover an area up to 70 sq m.


Trusted by vets.


Fitted with a UK plug.


We also sell refills for Adaptil Calm.